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The Perfect Face (60 min)

Your service will start with a complimentary skin consultation to define your skin needs. This facial incorporates cleansing, deep pore extractions, steam, and Masque. Relax, with a luxurious facial, while your esthetician performs neck and an upper chest massage. You are left with an application of moisturizer and sunblock. $90.00

Detox Facial (75 min)

A corrective facial designed to fight hormonal breakouts and promote balanced, clearer looking skin.  This Facial incorporates a cleansing, a light exfoliation, a Vitamin treatment, Mask or a peel and a warm towel treatment for the Face, Neck and Décolleté.  Extractions will be performed if needed.  You are left with an application of moisturizer and sunblock.

We will Restore your radiance and balance your skin tone.  You will notice reduced redness and breakouts.  Relax, while your esthetician performs neck and an upper chest massage. This facial includes Dermaplaning.  $125.00

Glow and Renew Facial (75 min)

A corrective facial designed to minimize the appearance of age spots, hyperpigmentation while diminishing rough, uneven skin texture.  This is the perfect facial to help combat signs of sun damage and restore healthy hydration. This facial comes with cleansing, a light exfoliation and Glycolic peel.  This natural acid provides deeper exfoliation to stimulate collagen production, soften fine lines and enhance hydration. Skin is silky to the touch.

You will also receive a mask and a warm towel treatment. Extractions will be performed if needed. Relax, while your esthetician performs neck and an upper chest massage. You are left with an application of moisturizer and sunblock.  Enjoy brighter, more even-toned skin.  $145.00 

Micro-Current Facial

Our Micro current Facial incorporates a customized facial as well as a non-invasive “uplifting” micro current treatment with a non-invasive facial toning device. Your service will begin with a Clarifying brush deep cleanse to remove makeup and other impurities. A customized facial will be performed starting with a gentle exfoliation of your skin, followed by extractions (if needed), mask and a hot towel treatment for the Face Neck and Décolleté. This treatment concludes with a highly-acclaimed FDA-approved Trinity device that’s been dubbed “Pilates for your face”. You will see results right after the first treatment. You will notice improved facial muscle tone and facial circulation, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.  $140.00 

MediFacial (75 min)

Skin analysis and consultation to determine individual direction of results. Performed by a certified  esthetician, this Austin facial is result oriented to target specific problems areas in acne, hyperpigmentation, aging, and pores. You will actually feel and see a change in the texture of the skin with this remarkable facial. This facial is customized to your specific skin’s needs depending on direction from your esthetician.   $120.00

Diamond Tip Micro Dermabrasion Facial (75 min)

This is the optimum facial for skin rejuvenation. You will see results for tired, dull, acne, sun damaged and aging skin. Includes a Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion treatment. Depending upon your skins needs, and estheticians personal analysis of your skin a lactic acid peel and a pure Vitamin C mask, or Custom selected Rhonda Allison enzyme and calming mask is applied providing deep exfoliation, skin luster, evening out skin tone, healing and brightening. You will actually see and feel the results.  $150.00

Perfection Clay Facial (75 min)

This facial begins with a deep-pore Clarifying brush cleansing using a gentle exfoliate cleanser and steam to melt away surface impurities. It is followed by extraction and an anti-stress facial massage for relaxation ending with a treatment mask –RA Perfection Clay, a renowned salt mud treatment from oldest salt pans in Europe which gently purifies skin, alleviating harsh drying effects of stress and the environment. A must for radiant and healthy complexions.  $135.00


Vitamin C, one of nature’s strongest anti‑oxidants is the perfect remedy for mature and sun damaged skin. Begin with a stimulating wash, an anti-stress facial massage then finish with our three-step program of Vitamin C Serum, Potion & Age Defyer for a rejuvenating treatment.  $125.00

The Gentleman’s Facial (75 min)

Just for men – two facials wrapped into one! Receive all the benefits of the Perfect face and Perfection Clay mask facial, which includes skin analysis, exfoliation, cleanse, and light extractions, topped off with with an application of moisturizer and sunblock. This facial helps relieve irritation due to shaving and is amazing for hydrating the skin. $125.00

The Bacial (30 min)

This unique treatment is for the back only.  Service includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and masque treatment. Sure to keep the bare back looking smooth, clean and free from breakouts.  $80.00

Teen Facial (45 min)

This facial is especially designed for people under 17 using skincare products that clean and clear the excessively oily, congestive teen skin. Includes cleansing, masking to loosen debris from pores, and extractions, moisturize and sunblock. Education on teen skin care given during service.  $65.00


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